Erin lives in Ketchum, Idaho where she is currently an Acupuncture & Oriental Medical Practitioner as well as a Certified Kettlebell Trainer.  Erin recently graduated from her Master’s program in Portland, Oregon from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (September, 2011) and moved back to Idaho to set up her business.

In addition to contributing to the Bjørn & Bach Blog, she maintains two more of her own.  She writes an informational health and wellness blog; Essential Healing with helpful articles covering everything from exercise & nutrition to all things applicable to Chinese Medicine; herbs, acupuncture and many other modalities of healing.  The other is a food blog; Essential Edibles that she keeps updated with recipes and nutritional information, which is based on the paleo/primal diet that she follows.

Erin is passionate about building her patients knowledge base as well as continuing to build her own.  She has a background in the sports sciences both in the classroom & out.  She received her undergraduate degree in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado @ Boulder and spent a number of years prior training as a competitive Freestyle skier.  Among her accolades, Erin was a member of the US Development Freestyle Ski Team for 3 years and attended World Junior Championships 2 years in a row, only to fore-go her third invitation in order to attend college full time.

Erin has set up her practice in Idaho with an emphasis on Sports Medicine, injuries and preventative medicine and has recently added an short apprenticeship in Japan to her studies where she refined her Pain Management skills in order to bring the best care to her patients in the valley.  In addition she also treats a wide range of other health disorders.

For more information about Erin, please visit:

Her website:  &

Her food blog:  Essential Edibles


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