The Excuse…

The worst part about any workout is making it happen. We know. We’ve come up with the excuses. There’s the weather, a headache. The dog needs walking. Oh wait, Oprah just came on and the couch is looking comfy. The big games about to start. The dog ate the membership card. Then the brain really kicks in. I’m too tired. I’m stressed out. I’m this, I’m that…fill in the blank. Our personal favorite? I’m not in good enough shape to work out. But when was the last time you left the gym thinking you made a bad decision or wasted your time? We should all make time to exercise on a regular basis. Heads of state and presidents make time for an hour a day, so we can too. Don’t let excuses control your mind and keep you from your fitness goals. Many times, boring workouts the ones that aren’t mentally or physically challenging can contribute to a lack of drive and can make you dread heading to the gym. We are not hamsters. We shouldn’t have to do the same linear routines day after day. Workouts can actually be enjoyable. Thankfully, people like Michael Skogg gets it, which is why we rely on his perspective to help us get us out the door.At his gym, Skogg encourages everyone from the soccer mom to the professional athlete to use kettlebells to create maximum fitness and strength. By lifting, pumping, crunching and tossing the weights, you can move toward some serious whole body fitness that surprises even seasoned athletes. Basically you become the moving part of a pendulum, Michael explains. The movements force you to alter your center of balance, which helps reveal your weak spot. He mentions how as adults we workout in linear planes or upper body then lower body, which ignores important muscle groups and the whole body dynamic. Remember being a kid? We moved all over the place.Right now Michael is conducting the 60 Day Challenge, a program designed for body transformation that helps people meet what they define as their holy grail of fitness. For some people that means sculpting abs, while others want to improve their running stride. I’m the motivator, he says. I love my people and they feel it and they return it. I don’t wear a drill sergeant hat. I’m convincing enough by using tough love.Check out Michael’s suggestion for a 20-minute workout that combines the best of his kettlebell workouts And while these moves might look easy, its worth taking the time to learn how to do them right. Work with a professional or consult Michael’s new DVD for a quick tutorial. So get a TiVo and ignore your brain, which is always going to come up with those reasons why you should’nt workout. Make a one-hour non-negotiable, unbreakable appointment with yourself every day.

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