Living B+B With Kimberly Warner

Take a look into a day in the life of one of our Bjørn + Bach Ambassadors Kimberly Warner.  Check out her bio here:  Bjørn + Bach Ambassadors

Recently Kimberly’s love of photography has branched into storytelling through film.  Like photography, it started with her in front of the camera in a few short films and then evolved into writing screenplays and shooting her first short film, CPR.  She is now in pre-production for her feature film The Stylist and loving all the sweat and tears this process entails. Growing her team of creatives for her films has proven Kimberly’s ability to network with and inspire talented, passionate and like-minded individuals, who not only resonate with her artistic vision but also with the deeper philosophies and sensitivities that found them.

Recently Kimberly started Grieveyard Productions, which grew from her blog Grieveyard, where she’s growing a community that inspires individuals to use death and grief as a catalyst for creativity and healing.

Kimberly’s film-making is born from her desire to tell stories that encourage others to find their own unique way to contemplate, mourn, exalt and celebrate the inevitable.

Here’s a little sneak peak into her most recent production:

This downtempo just felt like Iceland…both hauntingly cool.


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