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    The Bjorn + Bach blog is about creating a community for adventure seekers, health connoisseurs and sharing our passions. Here you will find up to date information on diet, nutrition, research, sustainability, travel, exercise, relaxation and everything between. For the same reason we created Bjorn + Bach, we are committed to finding and sharing pure, organic, healthy and even luxurious things in the world - as well as creating a fun atmosphere for people to read, laugh, enjoy and participate. So here's to us, may we live healthy, eat well, be adventurous, laugh much and share often. Happy reading...
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One of nature’s greatest phenomenons; a murmuration of starlings.


Fish Oil Enhances Effects of Strength Training in Elderly Women

Rodacki CL, Rodacki AL, Pereira G, et al. Fish-oil supplementation enhances the effects of strength training in elderly women. Am J Clin Nutr. 2012 Feb;95(2):428-36. BACKGROUND:Muscle force and functional capacity generally decrease with aging in the older population, although this effect can be reversed, attenuated, or both through strength training. Fish oil (FO), which is rich in n-3 … Continue reading

How to be Awesome

When I first saw this book, one thing came to mind; “man, people are such suckers for diet books… like you can change your body in 4 hours!”  But… I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, and I was.  This book is definitely topping my list of must haves.  It should really be … Continue reading

The Excuse…

The worst part about any workout is making it happen. We know. We’ve come up with the excuses. There’s the weather, a headache. The dog needs walking. Oh wait, Oprah just came on and the couch is looking comfy. The big games about to start. The dog ate the membership card. Then the brain really … Continue reading

Adding Exercise to Your To Do List

What if I told you there was one thing you could do to increase your capacity to think, create, solve, increase your ability to take risks, throw yourself into uncertainty with confidence and be more attractive?!  Yes, all those things plus more & just because you made one thing a priority. Exercise. “The physical state … Continue reading

Eat ~ Inspire ~ Unite

Craving something fresh in Portland, Oregon?  Well, we’ve found a great place to stop by…  Prasad  925 NW Davis PDX   Eat ~ Inspire ~ Unite An all organic vegan restaurant which caters to the local Pearl yoga gang – it is located conveniently in a yoga studio (Yoga in the Pearl). You can get your … Continue reading

What’s Your Favorite Ski Town?

The countdown has begun, Fall is definitely turning into Winter whether you are ready or not.  Personally, this is my absolute favorite time of year; there is a chill in the air, all the leaves are changed and the scenery is to die for.  For me we had our first snowfall of the year about … Continue reading

Living B+B With Kimberly Warner

Take a look into a day in the life of one of our Bjørn + Bach Ambassadors Kimberly Warner.  Check out her bio here:  Bjørn + Bach Ambassadors Recently Kimberly’s love of photography has branched into storytelling through film.  Like photography, it started with her in front of the camera in a few short films … Continue reading